Welcome to the Southeast Minimoto website! It's terrible! It was made by an electrical engineer who was supposed to be working but did this instead using a crappy web builder. Just call it Picasso and move on, please?

What's not terrible about this website, you ask?

Ehh, slim pickins'.

  • I made a utility to text you about mini stuff; that's pretty cool.
  • We're gonna post up all the whens/wheres about Events coming up in the Southeast. If you know about a ride somewhere that we don't, please Contact Us and share the weirdness with everyone!
  • When we get around to putting them together, we expect to post up some DIY tech write-ups/videos in the Blog section. But for now, it's just a placeholder post that gets a lottttt of spam posted to it. Did you know there's hot singles in YOUR area!?
  • If I get a picture of you crashing, you're gonna get to re-live it for a long, loooong time in the Gallery section!
  • And hell, i'd love to see how ugly I could make a storefront look on this thing; we'd probably sell the lame stuff your mom nags you about before leaving for a day of shredding scooter tires: catch cans, sliders, grips, handlebars of the unbent variety, etc. Keep your eyes peeled for that mayyyyybe later this year.