Where We Ride


Mini Track

Herrin Compound

Formerly known as Middle Georgia Kart Track, this track has been serving kart drivers and motorcycle riders in Dublin, GA under the Herrin family's watch since 2008. The track? A crowd favorite. The people? Hospitable and easygoing. The tacos? You bet your ass we're coming back for more. Other tracks are opening their arms to the warm, slightly damp embrace of minimoto, but you will always be our first love.


Mini / Drift Track

Midpond Circuit

A people pleaser among the drift crowd for years now, owner Ken Martin has recently come around to the idea of a bunch of grown-ass adults riding their midget motorbikes around his 12-turn, 1/2 mile track located just 30'ish minutes South of Birmingham, Alabama. It's a smooth mix of speed and hard hooks, so break out those Excel sheets, nerds; you're gonna need some gearing strategy on that potato bike of yours! Get some!

Just try not to charge a drift tax on your XR100 afterwards.


Mini/Drift/Kart/Whatever you can think of track

Lanier Raceplex

Located across the street from Road Atlanta (seriously; you can watch people panic when cresting the hill after T1 and seeing T2 coming 30mph faster than they expect), you could say Lanier Raceplex has seen some sh*t.

Built in 1982 as Lanier Raceway as a dirt track until being paved shortly afterwards, then changing hands a few times and having a weird teenage phase where it called itself Lanier National Speedway, Lanier Raceplex has had a long, great history of racing of many forms. And now after never knowing what they were missing, they get to weave us goobers on minibikes into their tapestry as the weirdest, most head-scratching bunch of idiots to drag pegs, asses and elbows all over those plastic barriers.


Mini/Supermoto Track

Carolina Motorsports Park - Kart Track

Casey Clark and the gang have had a good thing going for a while: Supermoto days at the CMP Kart Track. It's a great collection of turns and straights that has something for everyone... making more than five horsepower. Yeah, it's a bit bigger, but it's nothing you or your mom can't handle. So gear those weedeater's up ladies and gentlemen; you're gonna need to carry some speeeeeed. YEEEAHHHHHHHHHH..... ok, i'm done now.


Mini/Supermoto/Kart Track

Atlanta Motorsports Park

"The Crown Jewel" is the nickname given by many to this exclusive kart track in Dawsonville, GA. Ok, maybe it's just Lenny calling it that; but, he's not far off the mark! A mini bike day was held here a few years back and afterwards many have tried to organize another one to no avail. But Lenny doesn't quit, and soon we will be gracing AMP with our strangeness! Please everyone, remember to stay clothed!